Park Day School K-1 Nature Zone


Teacher Requests
– Largish circle of stumps (in combo w/ plants) to enclose Create with Nature Zone
– Create ‘storage library’ for loose parts – organized baskets of materials
– Ability to take over whole space – involves moving nursery area
– Barriers to keeps kids out of parking area and out from under delicate oaks
– Incorporation of other play elements – water, playhouse, plants, pathways, mulch mountain

Create with Nature Zone – enclosed by plants and stumps, inside are movable stumps and stumps for building on
Loose Parts Library – includes wicker baskets, terra cotta pots, wine crates or other containers with well organized loose parts
Mulch Mountain – Large persistent pile of mulch to be replaced as it breaks down or is used elsewhere
Riverbed – Includes hand water pump to access water, water flows into basins or sluice and down to dry river bed w/ bridge for crossing
Pathways– mulch and tree cookie pathways, include two clear entrances, pavers under oaks through plantings, pavers for curvy path leading to willow tunnel
Barriers – Natural fencing (willow or branches) along parking area, low mosaic seating wall at south edge, under oak plantings
Playhouse – small three-sided playhouse made from natural materials – willow or branches – child designed and built.

Stage 1 – Construction
parkday02   parkday01   parkday03


In use

Fine motor activities!

Gross motor activities!

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